Spring Bunny Finger Puppet

bunny 7 Juno.jpg

To make a Spring Bunny Finger Puppet you’ll need:

 White felt

White sewing thread

Black embroidery thread

Pink embroidery thread

Green embroidery thread

Small white pom-pom



Paper and pencil

Bunny 1 Juno.jpg

Draw the outline of the bunny shape onto paper by using the above photo as a guide or tracing over the photo.

Cut out two bunny shapes from felt.

Decorate on opposite sides, using one or two strands of embroidery thread. 

Stitch on small eyes using black embroidery thread. One or two stitches using 2 strands of thread will give your bunny a friendly look!

bunny 2 Juno.jpg

Blanket stitch the two pieces together with white cotton, starting with a few strong ‘over and over’ stitches at the base to strengthen.

bunny 3 Juno.jpg

When you reach the ears, leave them loose and just make a few tiny stitches across the head until you reach the other side of the body. Continue to stitch down the bunny’s back, then again, make a few strong ‘over and over’ stitches to secure at the base.

bunny 4 Juno.jpg
bunny 5 Juno.jpg

Stitch on the pom-pom tail.


Stitch on a pink nose and whiskers.

bunny 7 Juno.jpg