Toadstool Tealight

These little glowing mushroom battery tea lights make magical stocking fillers and are easy to make if you have a glue gun to hand.

Toadstool tea light main.JPG

You’ll need:

A glue gun

A battery powered tea light

Green Felt

White felt

Grey/brown felt

Red velvet or other fabric

White embroidery thread

Red cotton thread

The size of your pieces will depend on the size of your tea light, and how tall/wide you’d like your toadstool to be.

Draw around the base of your tea light for the green felt circle.

toadstool 1 jpg.jpg

Stitch white French knots or dots onto the red velvet top using embroidery thread.

Toadstool 2 .jpg

Once you’ve finished your white spots, add on the underside of the cap using blanket stitch. A subsequent running stitch drawn together and then secured with a finishing off stitch will give the cap more of a hat shape.

Toadstool 3.jpg

Blanket stitch the sides of the stalk together.

Toadstool 5 copy.jpg

Cover the edge of the tea light with the green felt, adding a little glue as you go around.

Green strip copy.jpg

Position the green felt circle onto the tea light and then secure with a little glue.

toadstool 4 copy.jpg

Now you’re ready to assemble the toadstool pieces together.

Put a little glue onto the flame part of your candle and then swiftly add the stalk on before the glue dries.

ready to glue white stalk on.jpg

Place a blob of glue in the middle of your cap and position on top of the stalk.

glue top onto stalk copy.jpg
last copy.jpg